VacDoc's will bring your carpets back to life!

Pet friendly

The products used are environmentally friendly and pet safe!


VacDoc's Services take's pride in helping those with mobility complications.

VacDoc's Services are here to clean your carpets and make your home feel more comfortable than ever.

Our dedicated staff will take their time to make your home feel special, and leave our customers with a smile.

We are a minority owned business and we know keeping up with everything can feel overwhelming, but VacDoc's understands that everyone needs to feel like they're really at home! Our trusted staff doesn't only leave you with clean carpets, but with a great experience.


We offer our services to all residential and business properties.

VacDoc's Services originated from Vacuum Doctor,    Which has been in the industry for over 30 years!

VacDoc's will bring those carpets back to life!

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We offer additional services with great offers and products.

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